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A place of refuge that provides healing to all. 



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A place of refuge that provides healing to all. 

Zam Zam Farm offers the finest in camping and recreation.  Whether you are seeking adventure, relaxation, family time or solitude, you will find it here.  We invite you to experience camping YOUR way which includes fishing, hunting, camping, agricultural farming, canoeing, horseback riding, and survival training courses.  Zam Zam is truly “A 360 degree experience that will leave lasting memories for a lifetime.”

This private black-owned campground has access to thousands of acres of land, lakes, meadows, ponds and wildlife.  One of the first of its kind, we aim to provide the highest quality experience that can be sure to captivate your entire group.  We have an array of amenities and activities that will leave lasting memories for all ages.  Our safe, clean, and pleasant atmosphere provides endless excursions with one objective in mind - TO LEAVE EACH PERSON HAPPY AND SATISFIED!!!  If your desire is to hunt, fish or learn survival skills, we have highly trained guides and instructors on site.  Make sure to ask about our most popular attractions, horseback riding or canoeing, which are always a delight!  

Zam Zam offers the perfect affordable getaway.  We are located in Wales, Florida which is a 40-minute drive from Clearwater Beach, St. Petersburg Beach, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida.  Your family can enjoy not only a variety of our excursions, but can conveniently travel to beaches that have been recently recognized by TripAdvisor as the number #1 beach and tourist destinations in the world!

zamzamfarms logo Final Draft.png


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